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Rules PDF | Errata | Q&A | Publications

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Cutting A Non-Initiator

I didn’t initiate a block on my opponent, but now that they’re out of bounds, if they come in in front of me, would they get a penalty for cutting (in other words, can I “draw a cut”)? Does it matter if I go out of bounds, too?

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Jammer Lap Point

I hear that some things have changed with how Jammer Lap Points work. How should I be thinking about things now?

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Pack Destruction at the Start of a Jam

If a team creates a No Pack situation by skating away from the opposing team immediately after the starting whistle, should a pack destruction penalty be issued?

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Official Rules

The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby

This is the eighth full revision of the WFTDA rules since the development of the first shared rules for the sport of women’s flat track roller derby in 2005.


Edits and Omissions

Appendix A: WFTDA Track Design

Provides official dimensions and marking procedures for the WFTDA roller derby track.

Change Summary


Hand signals, standard practices, and other related documents can be found in the officiating section.

Rules Publications

These publications are released by the WFTDA Rules Committee periodically throughout the year, providing official guidance for interpretation of the rules.

Maintaining A Stopped Position or Clockwise Momentum

5.9.21 states that a Direction of Game Play penalty shall be given for “Actively maintaining a stopped position (e.g., via braking or receiving an assist), or maintaining clockwise momentum, while impeding an opponent.”

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